Marriage Counseling Vs. Couples Therapy: What’s the Difference

Marriage counseling


Believe it or not, marriage counseling and couples therapy are different. Though they seemingly overlap in terms of their goals for relationships, some in the industry use the words interchangeably, which can add to the confusion.


The difference between marriage counseling and couples therapy


According to Marriage Guardian, “Marriage counseling tends to deal with present events more than past events. Counselors provide advice and/or show you how to develop your own rational solutions. Couples therapy also does this, but the problems dealt with have a history, creating unhealthy patterns of relating.”

Some therapists look for the reasons behind the emotions that drive these patterns. It can also depend on the type of therapy being utilized during sessions. However, all therapists, if they know what they’re doing, help you to alter how you and your partner relate to one another, as well as help create healthier patterns for dealing with conflict and communicating.


The goals with marriage counseling and couples therapy


Like any type of therapy or counseling, the goal is usually the same: to help the person manage or overcome some type of emotional or psychological hindrance. Marriage Guardian is adamant that “…the goals in both can be the same, such as reduce conflict, change behavior, change your responses to your spouse’s behavior, find realistic and practical solutions, and empower you as a couple to make a terrific marriage.”


The timeline of marriage counseling and couples therapy sessions


Unfortunately for either, there is no real set timeline or deadline for completing marriage counseling or couples therapy. The frequency of sessions depends on the couple themselves. Some couples may need more time with a professional than others. This in no way means a couple that stays in counseling longer has more issues. It simply means these couples may need more time to unpack roadblocks such as communication, intimacy, etc.


North Brooklyn Marriage and Family Therapy


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